Custom Chenille Patches

A letterman coat wouldn't be the comparable without its chenille patches. In any case, that is just the beginning. These feathery, nostalgic patches show more than achievement, they give your arrangement a striking yet elegant look that echoes your picture voice.

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Chenille patches are perfect for amusement, lighthearted plans. The most generally perceived plans show achievement and commitment. Adjust your arrangement with vast shape decisions for a fix that is at its own one of a kind degree.

Patches by us

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The Only Limit is Your Imagination

We can help you by Choosing from several different elements to make your patch genuinely unique and customized to achieve your vision.

Base Material

Choose the foundation that best fits your desired look and feel.​

Border & Edge

Customize the shape of your patch and how edges will be finished.

Premium Upgrades

Stand out with upgrades like button loops, premium threads and more.